Is hanging by hooks a miracle?

I expected that a doctor will reply to a question posed by Indra Kumar, regarding how a person could swing while being nailed to a cart which was an act, performed before a statue as part of a Veil Festival or parade. However, no one came forward to provide a satisfactory answer to that question.

From the day that letter was published I received many letters and phone calls requesting me to give a description to it.
As I cannot reply to them all I decided to do was to clear the air by way of a press article.

Though certain specialist doctors may be stunned by this terrible act, to say that no explanation can be given for this particular practice through medical science is both stupid and foolish.

Indra Kumar says that this particular practice is completely the result of some hidden power displayed by the statue, as the person who swung to and fro while being chained to the cart did not suffer pain or caused blood coming out of his body.
Many thousands of others also tend to believe this version, and it is hogwash in my opinion. To truly discover the reason behind such stunts or acts, you need not become a specialist doctor.

What one needs to do is to use one’s brain and seek for the truth rather than be deceived by it.
The act of not feeling pain can be achieved in three ways. The first system is neutralizing the nerves related to the part of the body that is used for the task.

The second is to neutralize the central nervous system which prevents the pain from seeping to the brain. The third and final way is completely neutralizing the brain.

The task of neutralizing the brain could be achieved by way of chemistry and through psychiatric means.
During hypnosis also neutralizing of certain parts of the body can be achieved.
A person could achieve self-hypnosis through praying, singing of hymns, the devout belief in bogus customs, rhythmical dancing, singing and playing of drums etc.
An author, noted psychiatrist, medical doctor of St. Thomas Hospital in London William Sergeant says “During self-hypnosis any fake belief could enter the mind of a person.”
It is said that those who inflict pain on themselves at temples, kovils, and other religious places as well as those who chain themselves to carts in paying homage to gods at Veil Festivals were at extreme hypnosis stages. The reason behind it all is extreme religious fanaticism.
Also from cut wounds or those that are not cur deeply blood does not seep. During injections also blood does not come out like a flood.

However, if one of the blood cells get cut and from bloodletting death could materialize.
However, during at times of hypnosis blood will never come out. During war times or in an intense football match those who take part in such acts do not tend to bleed.
The blood will only start to come out once the clatter of thoughts in the mind is concluded.
If Indra Kumar had visited Indra Dasan to see the latter after a few hours of him having performed the reverent act during the Veil parade, the former would have been able to see clearly the pain that had been undergone by the latter and the blood pouring out from his wounds.

Also what has to be asked from Indra Kumar is whether there is no hidden power behind the so-called holy ash which people tend to spray across their bodies both before and after the Veil parade. I know it for a fact where many people had sought medical treatment after having sprayed their bodies with such holy ash.
It must be said that the chains on a person is stuck on the body in such a manner that the weight of the cart is spread evenly or else the wounds that are created from the nails could result in instant bleeding.

Though this act may be a spectacular stunt to those viewing it there is no godly or divine power behind it at all.
Also it must be said that many who tend to perform such acts are known for taking drugs such as ganja before taking part in the said act and such drugs tend to drive them into periods of hypnosis resulting in them being able to perform such stunts for a certain period.

If there is anyone who can better explain any other reason than those that have been adduced by me for the aforementioned act, I will be more than glad to read them.

By Sriyani Vithana

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