Parties in anticipation of the no confidence motion

Parliamentarians of the joint opposition will support to bring in the no confidence motion against the Pm, said the parliament minister Mr C.B. Rathnayake. He made this comment while addressing the media at the Dr N.M. Perera  centre Borella (27).

The joint opposition ministers were anticipated to bring in the no confidence motion against the MP, but the coalition is thankful to the Puttlam District parliament Minister, Mr Range Bandara for the straight forward action taken towards it.

Furthermore, the entire nation is vigilant at the moment and in anticipation to make sure the appropriate action to be taken by the Parliamentarian Mr Rang Bandara, in any case if it will not be fulfilled as anticipated, the coalition party will be willing to continue to take appropriate action towards it, said the parliamentarian Mr C.B.Ratnayake at the briefing.

Meanwhile, the parliamentarian Mr Bimal Ratnayaka said that , JVP is also willing to expedite the action towards it, during the session.

TNA leader, Opposition leader, Mr R Sampanthan said that, necessary steps will be taken right after the no confidence motions submitted to the parliament.

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