PM left for Singapore

Prime Minister’s office correspondent reported, PM, Mr Ranil ,Wickremasinghe left yesterday (01), for Singapore with a delegation of six to attend a forum organized by the CSE (Colombo Stock Exchange). This  meeting was named as “invest Sri Lanka Summit”. Colombo Stock Exchange has organised conferences in Newzealand , Australia, HongKong, USA, United Kingdom, and Switzerland previously.

During this occasion, Premier Held a meeting with Singaporean Trade and Industry Minister Mr S Iswaran today, (2) to discuss in strengthening trade and economic relations between two countries.

The meeting was held in Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore, was a discussion based on the Free Trade Zone agreement signed between two countries in January 2018.

This discussion would enhance benefits to the Singaporean investors to take adequate measures in investing in  Sri Lanka in the future.

On this tour, Prime Minister has been accompanied by the central bank governor, Mr Indrajith Kumaraswamay and five distinguish guests.

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