In 1937, the Chinese-Japanese military held in Nanjing, Japan, is under control in Nanjing. The story of the Nanjin, built up in the most terrible tragedy in the modern history of China, tells of the fate of many fate of many different groups of hiding in a Roman Catholic mosque. The innocent young schoolchildren come to the shrine to escape violence and violence by the Japanese army .John Miller,

a US national, and a patron saint of the city, is also in the mosque. We can not control the tears in the harsh and emotional situations between students and dudes as well as in sad and sad situations. The gift of humanity and hope flows extensively throughout the film, and our music and acting are in our minds. Shaan Huyu, one of China’s most

prominent directors, is one of the most prominent film directors directed and directed in 2011. The 69th GOLF Globe Awards and the 84th Academy Awards nominee were the Best Asian Film Award. A budget of $ 94 million is not one of the war movies and will be a memorable and soulless memorial for you


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